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    Destructive Chewing


    I am having an issue with my dalmatian and her destructive chewing. She is 3 1/2 years old and is constantly chewing up all my things. I came home to find my favorite pair of Prada flats chewed up. She only does this when I am not at home. How can I train her to keep her from doing this when I am not home. Any suggestions would help. Thanks!

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    Well if you catch her in the act then it would be easy to discipline her, just make your voice sound bigger and angrier, then gently spank her rear area while you pry her away from the item that she's chewing. I think if you do this often and consistently enough then she will get that it's bad to chew things and will not do it again, at least not in front of you. But in the meantime, as you are trying out this method, you should just put her in a cage or tie her on a leash while you're gone so that she can't chew your things.

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    Have you tried those chewing deterrents? They sell them in some pet shops and pet supply stores. It has a foul or bitter taste that discourages the dog from chewing anything you spray it on. It's also safe for your dog. By and by, I'm sure he'll learn to stop chewing your shoes.

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