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    Cool Do your dalmatians swim?

    I once went to the beach and near the place we went to was a diving resort. The owner has a pet dalmatian and a golden retriever and I saw them swimming in the water. I have mostly labs and goldens and they swim too. I was wondering if dalmatians also love to swim or maybe this dalmatian just learned it from her friend.

    Do your beautiful spotted fur-babies swim, too, or do you have other things that you love to do in the beach?

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    Our dalmation is a good swimmer but she doesn't like going in the water. She fell into the pool once when she was a puppy so I decided to take her in with me and make sure she could find her way out again if she ever fell in again (we have wide steps in the pool). She really didn't like being in the pool and has never fallen in again. She also doesn't like being washed with the garden hose and generally isn't fond of water. We've never taken her to the beach but I expect that wouldn't be too popular either!

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