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    Are your dogs afraid of balls?

    I once bought my dog a doggy ball from the pet store. I was very excited to go play with him at home. Unfortunately, he only took one sniff of it and that was that. I tried throwing it away and seeing if he would run after it, but he just looked at me. I tried rolling it in his direction, but he just ran away. He's okay with other doggy balls--just not this one. Is it because of the smell or something? Do your dogs do that, too?

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    Maybe it's the size of your doggy ball that's intimidating your dog? Because if he's not afraid of the other types of balls, then they must be smaller than the one that you bought recently.

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    Well, I don't see how that could be a problem, since he's a golden retriever. However, you might be right since it is actually twice the size of the balls I usually get him. It's a bit bigger or maybe as big as a tennis ball. I just thought he's less likely to accidentally swallow it, since he's already bigger. I just usually get him small ones the size of ping pong balls and I'm afraid he might swallow it.

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    Ah so maybe that's the reason why he is afraid of them, since he must also have difficulty carrying that ball because it requires him to open his jaws wide apart. A ping pong sized ball is indeed risky for a retriever. I think you should just buy him Nyla Bone instead, it sure won't bounce, but he can fetch it just the same.

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    Probably. I really don't know. He just took a bit of a sniff and walked away. I did want to get him one of those, but I am afraid he'd react the same way. I mostly get him rawhide bones. He loves running after them and chewing them up. The only problem is that my pack sometimes fight over them even if I get them a bone each. They're behaved when I'm around, but the moment I'm gone, all hell breaks loose.

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    Hmmm, I don't know what the smell would have to do with it, I've never had such a problem, but I think that simply me's idea of it being too large seems reasonable. Maybe your golden retriever will get used to it soon. If smell has anything to do with it, then it'll just take some time to get used to the foreign smell.

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