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    I have to agree with all the other replies, this is a lovely story. I also named my dog, D O G , At this present time I own a dog called Rags and a cat named CAT. Thank you for sharing your memories.

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    The story is really beautiful and very inspiring. I love those people who believe in adopting rescued dogs and take great care of them. And also the last line makes the dogs look so human.
    I have adopted one dog till now from the local vet. The owner of it did not want to take it back home as it had a malfunctioned kidney. The vet did not know what to do with the dog and had it for some days. I really felt bad for the dog and brought it home. It was an awesome dog, the one that I will forever remember. It had taught me a lot of things and had been a great friend. Adopted dogs are always a great companion.

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