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    Red face Puppies in need of a home :3

    Post pictures of puppies that are of need of a home here.
    Hopefully we can find a home for some of these beautiful puppies.
    Make a difference save a life :3

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    This is a good attempt. May be we can find shelter for some puppies in need of it ourselves. In my area, I have many stray dogs. There are not much facilities which adopt stray dogs over here.

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    Sadly I have to many dogs for my house to handle, but there are many homes in search for new family members. Just trying to help any way I can. It makes me sad knowing all those dogs that sleep a pound, waiting to be picked or waiting to die.

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    If this forum finds a home for even one unwanted dog, whether it be a dalmation or any other type of dog, then that's a good thing! I think adopting dogs who are in need of homes is such a wonderful thing. All four of my pets were rescued or adopted. I shudder to think about what would have happened to them otherwise.

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    I live in Scotland and there are 2 main dog rescue centres near my home. The first is a dogs home which try to find homes for the poor dogs , unfortunately if the dog is not adopted within a set period of time it is put to sleep. To me this is totally barbaric. The other has different policies, they keep the dogs indefinably.and no healthy dog is put down. Helping to re home any dog via this site,would be such a blessing.

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    This is such a nice thread to create because some puppies do not every get their forever home. So I think that you posting this is wonderful and I hope that those puppies out there will find an amazing home. Seriously thank you so much for caring about dogs there should be more people like you.

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    I agree, this is such a good idea for re-homing dogs that do not have homes, but I think it deserves a dedicated puppy section and not just a thread right? So that 1 dog would be allocated with 1 thread, and when he gets adopted, the thread would be closed. I think it would be more convenient than back-reading a single thread, right? Because that's what happens when it gets a lot of responses, it's kinda hard and time-consuming to back-read.
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