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    Bunnies ,do not make good pets for young children. Rabbits do not like being picked up,and do not like to be cuddled, This is due to the fact that in their natural habitat,they are prey to many different animals. Being handled by humans emulates being attacked and held down by a fox for example,Therefore it is extremely stressful for a bunny to be cuddled.

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    Some bunnies actually really love their human owners. My bunny used to love to lie in my arms but would bite other people. They aren't the sweetest and most loving of pets, though.

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    I had a pet bunny as a kid. Her name was floppsy because one of her ears stood up and one down. She was pretty mean when I first got her. I would let her run around the house and she would just tear up the carpet and poop everywhere. She did not like to be petted at first but after a while I learned techniques to make her more loving. This included feeding her from my hands instead of in her cage. I do not think they are bad pets but they do take time to get use to.

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    My gf has one, and it's really cute. But from what I've heard it's a paint to get it properly raised, so I wouldn't get one for myself. Well I could if I could only play with it, as I do now haha.
    This is quite a nice situation - I get to enjoy it without all the 'hassle' that comes with it.

    Her name was floppsy because one of her ears stood up and one down.
    Awh That's so cute!

    A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
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