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    Dogs are best friends of children. The very reason is that they have similar characteristics- they are both loyal and innocent creatures. I think it is important that children be with only those dogs that they can handle. There are quite a few dogs that elders itself cannot handle, then the children are out of the question.
    Dogs are a great company to children for playing and having them around. The dogs also adore children as they never bark or think about biting the children.

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    Unfortunate that the article is gone now, would have been a good read. I also have to agree though that dogs are really good for children as they can play together which gives exercise to both of them and dogs actually have a lot of qualities that children can learn just from being around the dog.

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    Yes, dogs are great for teaching kids about responsibility and being kind to animals, and also to other humans. And I agree that dogs can be very protective of kids, which can make the parents feel more comfortable about sending the kids out on errands etc. if they take the dog with them. Dogs are also great company of course - good for kids to tell their troubles to, hug or talk to if they're feeling lonely.

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