First of all, i would like to present me a little bit.
My real name is Fabiola and i'm from Spain. I like so much pets, especially dogs. (sorry for my unperfectly english)
I chose this forum to know more information about my Little baby and know people who share the same kind of worries. (weigh, growth, feed..)

About my dogs
I have two dogs. One dalmatian (obveously) and one dobermann pinscher. They are two "girl" puppies, or female, (better said).

So, i'll center in my dalmatian. I called her Luna ( in english means Moon) she is 1 and half month old ( very Little yet) but awesome.
I picked up her last saturday . He lived in a huge farm with her parents and her brothers and sisters. She had many brothers but they were in bad conditions...
About her parents , the old owner had them with a bad hair color and i think they were not very taller as i knew that the dalmatian is... (i thought that it was for their bad feed)

Anyway she is very pretty i will love her so much ^^. The vet said me that she is 2,900 kg (weigh) Anybody knows that it is correct for 1 month and half age? I would like that she will be a big dalmatian , even if her parents didn't be.. Is that posible?

Thanks very much everyone!

PD: i enter here because i liked a lot this page and because spanish pages don't have enough people and information.