Hi to all dalmatian owners! And merry christmas, we have recently rehomed a rescued a dalmatian boy, he had been taken from his mother at 5 weeks old, which i know is far too early. (i am a retired dog trainer of 40 years duty), and here i am asking for help!i have a proven record of sorting out death row dogs, eg, the ones everybody had given up on, has owned over 35 dogs so far in my lifetime. Yet i am completely at a loss at what to do with ronson. He was 5 months old when he came to us, he is coming up to 9 months now. I know he is a wayward teenager,

never owning a dally before, and knowing people that have, no one has ever mentioned how much they wee! He is 95% housetrained, and for all his flaws, he now asks to go outside, he does still have the occasional puddle inside, maybe twice a week, or if i am not reading his signals properly. He is quite arrogant, will go walkies in the rain, but will not go to the loo in the garden if it is raining, and will deliberatly wee in the conservatory. Which i am exsasperated and frustrated with. He does have very slight dominant issues, in other words, is trying to overthrow our older male dog,() who is so laid back, he is horizontal). ! They never fight, and ronson does submit to our alpha male, ronson was castrated at 6 months, as we could not cope with the humping of our 3 neutered bitches, or the scent marking indoors.

He is very sensitive, sweet natured boy, and is trying his best to be accepted by all, we are bonding with him, and he has alot of good points, ie, excellent with cats, great recall etc. Has the castration affected the amount he is passing? We had sought advice from several vets before the snip. We are aware that because of the purine issue all dallys seem to have, and the issues with stones. He has been tested, and is in excellent health.we just cannot cope with the wee, when it happens inside, espiecally when he has a weather strop!

We would really appreciate some advice. Thank you